Pembelajaran bahasa inggris

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Learning methods

F.E.S stands for Feelings – Encourage – Share, which means (Making positive energy in learning – Cultivating children's courage – Dare to share or implement). These are the concept steps to help your child learn English in a happy and most effective state.

Feeling - Creating positive emotions

  • I-Speak is a pronunciation correction system that gives children more objective assessment and motivation to dare to speak.
  • Live interactive is a Multidimensional interaction learning so that children feel that learning seems to be more real, more interesting, creative and inspiring.
  • Live online classes are very interesting, that can be attended by children and parents.
  • More than 100 songs, 5000 educational games that can be selected by children.

Encourage - Motivate children every time they take lessons

  • Bibalala has a mission to make children excited to participate in every learning.
  • Teachers will guide children so that they can apply their knowledge to the surrounding environment.
  • When children are influenced by negative emotions while studying, the teacher will encourage them to be enthusiastic in following the lesson.
  • Parents will get information about their child's learning situation in Bibalala.

Sharing - Sharing feelings after learning

  • Children will be taught how to actively share feelings with parents through color.
  • Parents will be able to understand their child's emotions and guide their child through a diary.
  • Within 100 days of learning, the child will be happy and effective in learning.

Lesson Content

The lesson contents are attractive for kids to improve their skills so that learning becomes a natural habit


Learning Topics


Educational Song


Simple Sentence


English Vocabulary


Educational Games

Learning Features

It only takes 15-20 minutes / session every day. Students will be invited to play an active role in changing roles and learning situations in order to build interest and increase children's willingness to learn English.

i-Speak Technology creates communication reflexes

AI voice recognition technology that allows to record spoken voices, assess, and correct errors to help children pronounce correctly.

Live Interaction Video Technology

With direct interaction technology can help children interact in learning, so that children do not feel learning alone or passively.

About Us

Bibalala is the best English e-learning app for children aged 3 –11 years, Play and learning in a fun way!

Our Mission

  • Explore the maximum potential of children from an early age
  • Providing fun learning materials and the learning process would not be boring for children
  • The introduction of technology in children so that they can get to know digital technology proportionally from a young age
  • Encouraging parents to pay more attention to early childhood education with a strong foundation of knowledge


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