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BIBALALA is an English language learning application that uses the cambridge international curriculum base (CEFR), with an effective and fun method that focuses on developing emotional intelligence for children.

Bibalala English learning application is intended for children aged between 3-11 years.

why we start at 3 years old? Because based on a study by Harvard University, children aged 3-4 years have a natural ability to learn foreign languages ??and increase creativity, and encourage them to think critically.

Bibalala uses the F.E.S method which stands for Feeling - Encouraging - Sharing (Creating positive emotions - Motivating - Sharing). These are the concepts of steps to help your child learn English in a happy and most effective state

The advantage of learning while playing is to increases motivation, concentration, and eliminates the myth that learning is a burden, children will continue to try and build their confidance if they do wrong while learning.

It only takes 15-20 minutes/session every day. Children will be invited to play an active role in interactive lessons and learning situations to build interest and increase childrens willingness to learn English.

Bibalala's lesson content is 360+ Interactive Videos, 3000 Vocabulary, 75 Lesson Topics, 200 Example Sentences, 100 Songs, and 5000 educational games

At the end of each lesson category, there is a lesson report feature. Where parents can unify the results of children's lessons in each category.

You can download it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and do a search for "Bibalala" in the search field

Devices: iPhone, Android.
Size: Android: 310 MB. IOS: 485.8 MB.
Android: 310 MB.
IOS: 485.8 MB.

Operation system:
Android: 5.0+
IOS: 10.0+

To register for Bibalala,
  1. Open the bibalala app
  2. Select "Register Account"
  3. Fill in the data needed to register then click "Register"
  4. Your account was successfully created

If you change devices, you can still log in to your Bibalala account using your username and password.